Pomppa dog coats - making the weather your friend!

Pomppa dog coats keep your dog warm, dry and active, no matter what the weather's doing. Now in stock at Agility World, we take a closer look at the company that makes them and what makes them such a great choice if you're considering buying a coat for your dog.

Pomppa Oy (est. 2008) is a Finnish company which specialises in ready-to-wear dog clothing. Combining practicality, functionality and a good fit. their goal is to let your dog enjoy outdoor activities regardless of the weather.

Pomppa’s first customers were sports dogs. The company's founder and designer, Meri Alku, started by making coats for her own agility dogs, but they reached a wider audience for the first time at the Agility World Championships 2008 in Helsinki, Finland.

The carefully designed details of the first Pomppa product, PerusPomppa, are still replicated in all Pomppa coats. The generous collar, the tail vent and the broad abdominal panel fastened as a belt are features that set Pomppa apart from other products on the market.

Pomppa is an active dog’s everyday companion. Their clothes protect your dog from cold and wet weather without restricting movement. They are easy to put on, made of durable materials, and available in stylish colours, of course. Pomppa’s most important mission is to ensure your dog’s wellbeing.

1. Large collar- The collar of a Pomppa is made exceptionally large, to provide the best protection for the neck and its muscles. Even if the collar is large it must not restrict the dog; this is why the size and placement of the collar are well thought out. Your dog will be able to freely move his/her head up and down and from side to side. The collar is fairly open on the chest so that your dog is able to sniff the ground without choking or without the jacket rising from the back.

2. Leash hole - The neck of the coat has a hole through which you can connect a leash to your dog’s collar. When using the leash opening the collar of the coat can be held up and your dog’s neck will be protected at all times.

3. Front slit - A well-functioning coat must allow freedom of movement for your dog’s legs. The jacket may not restrict any movement. However, the coat must at the same time provide protection for the large muscle groups on your dog’s shoulder blades. This is why Pomppa has a front slit. The slit allows your dog’s front legs to move freely without restriction. Despite the unrestrictiveness the coat provides proper protection for the large muscle groups around the shoulder blades.

4. Reflectors - Large reflectors add to your dog’s safety in poorly lit conditions. The reflectors are placed so that they are visible to every direction. Whilst wearing a Pomppa coat your dog will be seen, no matter which way he/she is facing. High quality reflectors endure wear, use and washing and retain their reflective properties for a long time.

5. Covering back -The back of a well-functioning coat must provide protection to the hip region and thighs. Your dog must be able to moove freely without restriction and to put his/her nose to the ground without the coat rising from the back. The back of Pomppa cups over the thighs. This also protects the thighs from the back. Your dog is able to move freely and the coat retains its shape and place, even when he/she sniffs the ground.

6. Tail slit - The slit at the back allows full tail movement without any effect on the fit or the cover of the coat. It additionally allows the coat to cup your dog’s hips to protecct them from the back. The tail can be held fully upright; this also helps to ”anchor” the coat to its place. If your dog carries his/her tail low the slit closes to cover the bag similarly to a greyhound coat.

7. No rubber bands - Often the fit of the bag of a dog coat relies on rubber bands that go around a dog’s back legs. They are cumbersome and may chafe your dog’s legs or restrict movement. Pomppa does not need the bands, because it fits right. Pomppa conforms to even the wildest moves your dog does, but always returns to its correct place once the dog settles down.

8. Well-fitting belt - The belt is an important piece of the coat’s fit. It covers the entire stomach and settles on the waist in the best possible way. It is as long as possible; on male dogs it reaches up to their ”pistol”. The stomach piece does not hang, but follows along your dog’s body and it gathers the hem to keep it from interfering with your dog’s movement.

9. Curved buckle - Small things matter. This is why the buckle on Pomppa is curved. The buckle conforms to your dog’s back curve without pressure or chafing.

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