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Sam Clarke
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Our People - who we sponsor in 2024

We are really proud to be able to sponsor some fantastic agility professionals and some rising stars - find out more about them here.

Stacey Irwin-Burns - sponsored by Agility World since 2017

I started agility back in 2009 with my first dog Pixie. She was an incredible first dog who took me from Grade 1 to Grade 7. She is the reason I am hooked on the sport. My next competitive dog was Sam, who was trained and run by my mum until he reached grade 5 when I took over. Sam is a dog in a million and has made so many dreams of mine come true. He has won every UK final at least once, competed for our country on many occasions and won several medals (all of which are listed below). Then we have Rapid, he hasn’t had the smoothest of agility journeys with major setbacks with injuries to his toes, but he has come back fighting fit and managed to win a medal for his country at his very first international this year. The newest addition to the team is Frenzy; she arrived from Austria in October and has certainly lived up to her name. She is a super cool little dog and I am very much looking forward to our journey together.

Below is a list of our biggest achievements to date:

  • Winner of the 2015 Small Olympia Stakes Final with Sam
  • UKA Masters Grand Final winner 2015 with Sam
  • Crufts British Open Winner 2016 with Sam
  • 2017 IFCS World Championships Snooker Gold medallist with Sam
  • 2017 IFCS World Championships Jumping Gold medallist with Sam
  • 2017 IFCS World Championships Team Bronze medallist with Sam
  • 2018 WAO World Agility Open Championships Overall Games Bronze medallist with Sam
  • 2019 IFCS World Championships Jumping Gold medallist with Sam
  • 2019 WAO World Agility Open Championships Overall Games Gold medallist with Sam
  • 2022 IFCS World Championships Gamblers Bronze medallist with Rapid
  • Won 1 Championship ticket with Pixie, 4 Reserve Championship Tickets with Sam and 1 Reserve Championship ticket with Boo

Catherine Fuller- sponsored by Agility World since 2019

I am very pleased to announce that Digit and I will be sponsored by Agility World again in 2024.

I have been doing Agility for over 30 years, I started competing in 1991 when I was 14 with my Rough Collie who taught me a lot. I got competitive and wanted something faster but my parents wouldn’t let me have a Border Collie, my Mum had seen Australian Shepherds and she fell in love, so in 1993 my first Aussie arrived and I have had them ever since. My Aussies have had success in Agility and the breed ring as well as competing in Flyball and Hoopers. I currently have the only Australian Shepherd Show Champion to also have a Kennel Club recognised working award.

I will be running two of my Australian Shepherds. Digit (Trijem Single Digit AW(S)) is 6 years old, he started competing in large, grade 2 at Easter 2019 and is not the easiest dog to run! He is a very strong willed dog who thinks he knows the course better than me and likes to argue, you always know when Digit is on the start line!! Digit is now Grade 6, he won out of Grade 4 in June 2023 and had his last win towards Grade 6 in August 2023. He also has a CC in the Show-ring. This year will see my youngster making her Agility debut, Raine (Norcis Witches’ Butter for Inoby) will be competing in Grade 2 at intermediate height.  She loves Agility and has done a few Anysize and Steeplechase classes and has even won a couple, she is a little pocket rocket. Raine is a work in progress and this year will be about us becoming a partnership and having fun. 

I love seeing my dogs enjoy themselves competing in Agility, I love the social side and the support from others. It keeps my dogs fit and keeps me active and I am really excited to be working with Agility World again this year, the support I get is fantastic and they provide us with all the tools we need to succeed in the hobby that I love.

I am looking forward to another year with Agility World and I am hoping we will do them and the Aussies proud. 

Brea Sargent - sponsored by Agility World since 2021

I started my Agility journey in 2015, at the time I was competing in Flyball with my Border Collie Monkey. I was looking for a new addition to compete in Flyball and Lexi found me. She was quite a poorly puppy, there were times when we weren’t sure if she would even survive but we took each day as it came and she gradually got stronger and stronger. 

It was evident pretty early on that Flyball wasn’t the sport for her so we decided to try Agility. Being a Staffordshire Bull Terrier x Whippet that didn’t start in Agility until over a year old, our Agility journey hasn’t been at all straightforward, to say the least! Lex has taken me to Discover Dogs for the Starters Final and qualified for The Agility Club Starters Final but more than the results, she’s taught me huge amounts. 

This will more than likely be her last competitive season but whatever happens, I know she will love retirement! Because of Lex, I completely fell in love with Staffordshire Bull Terriers and started looking for my next puppy. After waiting for 3 years, Shrimp (aka Quinlent Missing Link) entered our lives. She came over from Holland in February 2021 at 17 weeks old and our journey started. She had her first full competing season in 2023 and finished the year in Grade 4. We are hoping to be able to qualify for the Crufts Novice final this year but with our twin sons due to be born in January, this may be put on hold! Fingers crossed we will be back out competing soon as I’m sure I’ll be missing the competition buzz!

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