Pomppa Dog Coats

Designed for Agility dogs, used and loved by ALL dogs!

Pomppa specialises in ready-to-wear dog coats that let your dog take part and enjoy all outdoor activities, regardless of the weather. Pomppa is a Finnish company, so they know a thing or two about coping in cold, wet conditions!

This is reflected in their range of stylish dog clothing; made from durable, quality materials, the coats combine practicality, functionality and a good fit. Clever, initiative design means this range of coats don't need leg straps to stay in place, making them the ultimate in comfort and wearability - easy to put on and take off, too!

Originally created for sports agility dogs because they allow unrestricted movement, Pomppa dog coats are now popular with a much wider audience and are a good choice for any pet.

Cosy jumpers, raincoats, a medium weight cosy all season coat or the ultimate winter waterproof dog coat - take your pick!



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