Stay safe on your dog walks

The arrival 12 months ago of the Coronavirus pandemic has affected us all in a variety of ways, not least the lives of dog owners.  Whilst it's positive that Battersea Dogs Home has managed to rehome a record number of dogs (and cats) in 2020, a trend repeated across most rehoming charities despite the lockdowns, there has also been an increase in the number of Covid cases amongst dog walkers.  It is thought that this is due in part to the fact that we love to talk to other dogs (and their owners) and therefore relax and forget to maintain the appropriate distances and precautions when out and about with our pooches.

The government has published the following pages that relate directly to animal owners and here we want to highlight some of the key points they and animal charities make regarding dog walking.

  • Maintain a 2m distance between you and other walkers - one way to do this is to have a 2m lead which makes it easy for your dog to be sociable but for you to stay away from other owners.
  • Don't pick up other dogs toys or balls and avoid throwing sticks that someone else may have touched.
  • Make sure you wash your hands (or sanitise them) before and after you stroke your dog to avoid passing Covid germs to the next person who strokes your dog.
  • Wash leads and harnesses according to the manufacturers' instructions regularly.
  • Avoid leaving uneaten treats that other dogs could wolf-down.  There is a theoretical risk that dogs could carry the coronavirus but this is still unclear and thought to be a small risk of transmission.
  • Finally, the golden rule is always clean up after your dog and sanitise your hands straight away - poo bins are never going to be the cleanest items!  (Don't forget we have biodegradable and compostable poop bags in stock if you want to maintain a more eco-friendly approach)

For more information visit the Government website and stay safe!


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