Pic 'n' Mix Treat Boxes for your K9 friend

Our Pic 'n' Mix Treat boxes are great at anytime of year! There's loads to choose from including products with hair (which can help with worming naturally) biscuits for a super crunchy treat, yummy 80% protein training treats that actually fit into a manners minder! 

We started our pic 'n' mix treat boxes a while back and they have proved super popular with all our customers, why have a treat box someones already picked and packed without you being able to choose what goes in it? You can choose exactly what goes in to your pic 'n' mix treat boxes, if your dog's not a fan of rabbit leave it out!

Our BIGGEST promise to you is you'll never find one piece of plastic in our boxes! All products that might be a bit greasy will be wrapped first in our special eco-friendly greaseproof paper, a product that will biodegrade, comes from a renewable source and is sustainable! even our parcel tape is eco-friendly!

All our treats and chews are sourced from within the UK & EU.

So what's not to love, order one to day...  Pic n mix treats

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