So you've just spent a small fortune on a pair of Sealskinz Socks here's our advice on keeping them waterproof for longer!

OK so three simple rules...

Never wash in a washing machine -

Despite the label saying you can! We have found if you wash in a washing nmachine it can cause problems with waterproofing. The way best to wash your new socks is to hand wash, never use a fabric conditioner, and be GENTLE! Turn the socks inside out; submerge, swish, then soak for 10 minutes in a soultion suitable for wool i.e. a delicates/wool washing liquid, (a couple of squirts in a sinkful of tepid water,) rinse twice, pressing out the water. Never wring as friction is a waterproof socks worst enemy!

So the washing's over, how do I dry them?

Never put your sock near any heat source, no tumble drier, no placing on a raditor, just drip dry.

And finally...

Never walk around in your socks without shoes on, even indoors! Remember it's the friction between the layers of your socks that will cause them to loose their waterproofing! 


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