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All our back on track mesh coats, dog leg wraps and dog hock braces are now available online with FREE UK Delivery. Buy with confidence, we don't charge a re-stocking fee, if the product you ordered doesn't fit just return it to us and we can replace or make a refund, all that we ask is you pay the return postage fee.

Back on Track Pain Relief Products for Dogs

Back on Track are well known for their pain relief products for dogs, from Dog Coats to joint support items such as the Hock Brace and Leg Wrap. We explain what makes them unique, how they work and how they can prevent injury or bring relief from existing conditions.

State-of-the-art fabric

The products are made from unique textiles with heat-reflective properties – ceramic particles are fused into the polyester fibres – which radiate heat back towards the body, increasing blood circulation and helping to improve muscle tension.

Back on Track associates these benefits with injury prevention (important for competition dogs in training), as well as helping dogs with existing conditions such as arthritis, ligament or tendon injuries, or dogs recovering from an operation.

Mesh Coats

Similarly, Back on Track’s Mesh Dog Coats has the same state-of-the-art ceramic-infused lining for gentle and natural warmth therapy. This is a lightweight version of the regular dog blanket, ideal for wearing during the summer, between competition events to keep muscles warm, or layered under another blanket. It can also be used after bathing your dog, or if he’s got damp in the rain.

Back on Track recommends introducing their dog coats gradually – let your dog wear them for a maximum of four hours a day for two to three days. After that, as long as your dog seems comfortable, the blanket can be worn for longer periods i.e. overnight.

Leg Wrap and Hock Brace

Made from a comfortable neoprene outer shell, the inside of Back on Track’s Leg Wrap and Hock braces are infused with the same ceramic powder as their other pain relief products. The soothing warmth radiated back from your dog’s own body may help injuries heal more quickly by reducing inflammation, and provide relief for dogs with joint problems like arthritis.


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