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Frozen Raw Dog Food

If you've chosen to feed your dog a raw food diet, you'll want to give them the very best - a natural diet that's complete and nutritionally balanced.

As Benyfit Natural Dog Food suppliers, we've put together some tasty collections of their frozen raw dog foods and will deliver them right to your door, often by the next day if you order before midday Monday to Thursday. Take the hassle out of preparing delicious raw food meals for your dog - simply defrost and serve!

Each collection contains a variety of human-grade Britsh ingredients, a complete raw dog food that's convenient for you to serve and contains the right nutritional balance of muscle meat, organs and offal, bone, egg, vegetables, plant source and seeds.

Order Food Box 1 for working or competing dogs which need more energy, or Food Box 2 for dogs with lower energy requirements.

Both raw food collections have been designed and are used by champion agility trainer, Stacey Irwin.

Please note, we can only ship the following perishable goods within the UK

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