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DOG StreamZ CANINE SMART COLLAR Designed to be worn around your dog's neck for a minimum of 8 hours a day, although results have been reported as significantly greater when us... Read Full Description

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Designed to be worn around your dog's neck for a minimum of 8 hours a day, although results have been reported as significantly greater when used 24/7. Waterproof neoprene design suitable for long and short haired breeds. Contains a D-ring attachment for attaching to standard type leads.

3 Sizes: (S) 40cm, (M) 55cm, (L) 70cm. (circumference of dog’s neck)
2 Widths: (S) 3.2cm (M) 4.5cm (L) 4.5cm
Colour: black with silver branding.
Weight: (S) 70g, (M) 85g, (L) 105g

WARNING: Not to be used by any dog diagnosed with a heart condition. Please note that once the packaging has been opened we are unable to replace collars if the wrong size has been ordered. We advise you to measure the dogs neck circumference prior to ordering if you are unsure. It is advisable to have a collar which is slightly larger than one that is too small – a 360º loop is vital in ensuring the optimum result. It is also worth stressing that the medium collars are 4.5cm wide and can be seen as “chunky” on some smaller breeds: they are a medical device and not simply a collar.

The DOG StreamZ smart collar provides a unique approach to canine wellbeing, using a patented design based on resonance technology. Developed to cater for all breeds and available in three standard sizes, the design is based on the eye-catching StreamZ Global range.
The StreamZ material contained within the collar is designed to create day-to-day improvements in canine vitality, by rebalancing compounds and minerals in the body. For all dogs of all ages, for a long and healthy life.


Dog StreamZ users have reported significant improvements in their dog’s condition when wearing the Dog StreamZ smart collar. These relate to a range of symptoms, including arthritic conditions, energy levels, behavioural issues, stamina and general wellbeing.  Although developed to support clinical ailments with ageing dogs, the StreamZ technology is as beneficial as a balanced healthy diet for every dog of any age.


Evidence has been collected showing a significant improvement in the dog’s overall mobility. Recovery time from joint and muscle symptoms have shown to be accelerated as the body is thought to be balanced to its optimum state, helping to distribute relevant minerals required for healing.


By rebalancing the dog’s system back to its natural resonant state, noticeable advantages to using StreamZ over traditional treatments have been reported. Over three quarters of the study group reported greater results after 30 days of use versus previously administered treatments and medications. StreamZ was not developed to replace prescribed medicines and as such we advise users to seek medical advice if they are unsure.


DOG StreamZ provide a low cost and natural process to a variety of symptoms associated with canine health care. Noticeable improvements in the dog’s energy levels and general happiness have been reported within a few hours of use. This quick response has shown to support an improvement in focus, promote a healthier coat and retrieve that canine zest for life!

Following these studies the DOG StreamZ collars have been shown to support:
• Mobility and Stiffness
• Injured and aching muscles
• Energy levels and vitality
• Digestion issues
• General happiness and condition
• Overall wellbeing
Some of the key aspects of using the dog StreamZ collars are as follows:
• 24/7 use, helping to provide total care
• Low-cost solution
• Natural process, no known long or short term side effects
• Weatherproof with a 12-month guarantee

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