StreamZ Technology

StreamZ Global products contain a mixture of natural rubbers and compounds known as ‘StreamZ Technology’.

StreamZ products are unique and differ greatly from more traditionally used products such as ‘magnetic pulsing devices’ or ‘hologram ion balancers.’ Traditional magnets have long been recognised as having health benefits on people and animals. A multitude of magnetic health-related products are available, frequently presented within devices such as rings or bracelets. Most of these products, if not all, target specific areas of the body by using standard magnets with a single polarity field (north pole and south pole). A pulsating effect is created, increasing the electrical conductivity of the blood and increasing the amount of ions (atoms that carry a charge of electricity). StreamZ bands, although containing a magnetic field, do not create this pulsating effect, but instead introduce a new technique in magnetic therapy – magnetic resonance technology.

StreamZ bands contain a patented 360° layer of StreamZ smart-material containing five separate multidirectional low-frequency polarity fields (north, south, north, south, north). Unlike traditional magnets, StreamZ products do not work by the magnetic fields penetrating directly into the body. Instead they create a
unique spiralling motion by streaming the fields of polarity horizontally through the smart-material. This spiralling motion is referred to as a ‘Cyclotron Effect’ and leads to a significant increase in the impact of the magnetic fields on the body. 


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